Erik F. Øverland member of the Scientific Committee og TTeC 2006
Erik F.Øverland is a member of the Sientific Committee of the Tromsø
TELEMEDICINE AND and eHEALTH CONFERENCE (TTeC06) 12th to 14th of June 2006.
Øverland is also responsible for a seminar at the 12th of June about foresight,
scientific research and future studies. more...

Book Review by Erik F. Øverland                                                                 

Journal for International Politics No 5/2005 NUPI

How will Russia look like in 2030? How will the relations-
ship between Russia and Norway develop the next 25 years?

These are the two main questions in a book published by
Abstrakt Forlag 2005. The title of the book is "Where does Russia
go? Five scenarios about Russia and Norwegian Security Policy
towards 2030. The authors are: Kristian Åtland, Tor Bukkvoll,
Morten Jeppesen and Iver Johansen.  (in Norwegian language)  more...


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