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List of foresight-projects and foresight related activities which Erik F. Øverland has been involved in (mainly as project manager/facilitator):

2003 – 2005    The Future Research topics in the Norwegian Innovation
                           System. Several foresight
                           processes within THE RESEARCH COUNCIL OF NORWAY.
                           Role: Main architect of the foresight-processes. Responsible for
                           methods and processual approaches. Fascilitator for the
                           following 4 foresightprocesses
                            a) Aquaculture Norway 2020 (Fishfarming)
                                Finished April 2005
                                Reporting: Aquaculture 2020. As long as...
                            b) Advanced Material 2020 (Material technologies)
                                Finished december 2005
                                Reporting: Report from the Research Council of Norway
                            c) Biotech Norway 2020 (Biotechnology).
                                Finished June 2005
                                Reporting: Book in Norwegian and English (Johne&Øverland (ed))
                            d) Energy 2020+ (Energy)
                                Finished December 2005
                                Reporting: Report from the Research Council of Norway

2004 -              Initiator of and partner in Nordic Foresight Forume

2004 -              ForSociety. Norwegian representative in ForSociety – ERA-Net CA on foresight

2003                The Importance of developing Long-Term Visions for Countries “Norway-2030
                          Vision: Lessons for Turkey”, Key Note speaker at ISTANBUL FORUM 8-10th
                          of May 2003                        
                          Reporting: Paper and material from the Conference

2002                 From Foresight to Scenarios. THE EUROPEAN COMMISSION.
                          Responsible for an international seminar on Foresight and foresight-methodologies in
                          co-operation with K4/Foresight Unit DG-Research, June 2002
                          Role: Fascilitator in co-operation with Mike Rogers, speaker
                          Reporting: A CD-Rom with more than 40 contributions

2000 - 2005    Several minor and mediumsized foresight projects for Small and Medium Enterprises
                          and Public Agencies and Ministries.

2000                 Future Organisation of NOKUT, NOKUT – Agency for the Promotion of High Quality
                          within Higher Education in Norway
                          Role: External foresight consultant and fascilitator
                          Reporting: reports from the gatherings

1999 – 2002   Editor in FUTURAMA. And member of the Board. A Web site on Future issues.

1998 – 2001   OECD International Futures Programme. Norwegian representative within OECD
                          International Futures Programme. Role: Both observer and participant in a serie of
                          4 Future Conferences.

1998 – 2000   Norway 2030. The Future of Public Sector, THE NORWEGIAN GOVERNEMENT/
                          The Royal Ministry of Government and Public Administration
                          Role: Project Manager/fascilitator.
                          Reporting: Book in Norwegian, Translation into English (pdf-file)

1995 – 1996   The Energy Operator 2010, STATKRAFT (Stateowned Energy company in Norway)
                          Role: Researcher and fascilitator
                          Reporting: Report in Norwegian language

In addition Erik F. Øverland has carried out more than 100 talks and lectures on foresight and scenario issues both in Norway and abroad since 1997. I am also the writer of books and several articles on the subject.

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