Who are we?

SUBITO! RESEARCH&FUTURES is organised as a virtual organisation in the sense that a core unit of SUBITO! people cooperate with different partners on different
projects world wide. Some of these partners and contactpoints are:

OECD International Futures Programme
, Paris France
K2 Unit DG-Research European Commission, Brussels Belgium
Kavrakoglu Management Institute, Istanbul Turkey
The Gaya Group, Ankara Turkey
PREST at the University of Manchester, Manchester UK
UNIDO, Vienna Austria
VINNOVA, Stockholm Sweden
SITRA, Helsinki Finland
Finland Futures Research Center, Helsinki Finland
The Nordic Innovation Centre NIC, Oslo Norway
The Risø Technology Laboratorium, Risø Denmark
Connect Latvia, Riga/Latvia
Connect Estonia, Tallin/Estonia
Business Centre of Kaunas University, Kaunas/Lithuania

Innovation Norway, Oslo
The Research Council of Norway, Oslo
NIFU-Step, Oslo
Oslo Teknopol, Oslo

What drives us
Both research, development and foresight are our key pillars. We believe in the possibility to create an offensive change management culture within enterprises and organisations through building in forward looking mechanisms, foresight and task oriented organisation develeopments. As the name SUBITO! indicates (derives from Italian and express the genuin service attitude of the italian service economy) we provide high quality products and reliable services for customers.


Erik F. Øverland          
Fatma Süslu

SUBITO! also cooperate with Dr. Jørn Siljeholm, contemporary at MIT/Boston, Kjersti Kviseth 2025 Design, Professor Dr. Jan Erik Karlsen, International Research Institute of Stavanger (IRIS) and  University of Stavanger and Dr. Riel Miller, independent Futurist and former principial administrator at the OECD.

SUBITO! was first established as a part time single enterprise in 1996 by Erik F. Øverland but reorganised as a 100 % business enterprise january 2006.

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