Our services are well tested and represent the most outstanding tools we can find within international management, foresight and innovation policy research. Some examples:

360˚ Company Check Up

To present a method which determines the factors affecting the performance of a company and enables the pinpointing of areas where significant improvements can be made.

Adverse Strategies

To explain that contrary to widely held belief, great achievements can be accomplished by using different strategies.  

Scenario based strategic reasoning

To bring in more creativity and future orientation in strategy processes, to bring people together in new and surprising ways.

Technology Foresight Analyses (TFA)

Approaching Technology in original and creative ways aimed at developing research oriented technology strategies

Understanding Globalization.

To look at the main characteristics of the current globalization process which started in the second half of the 20th century, and to discuss the stage this has reached in the 21st century.  How to challenge the onedimensional stories about global developement? How to focus at the possibilites of global change?

Policy Developement

Helping Ministries and National Agencies and Directorates to develope, implement and reinvent policies in different sectors and fields.

Organisational development through participative methods and approaches

Mobilise people in and between companies and public enterprises in developing their own workplace and survival in the long run. Key approaches: Dialogue- and Searchconferences,  Dialogue oriented foresight and scenarioprocesses, Participative seminars, Networking.

Company Value Analyses

To discover and explain the factors which constitute the value of a company and how these factors affect that value. 

Coping with Complexity

To look at the causes of complexity and how to overcome it.

Corporate Wisdom strategies

Corporate success is not dependent on educated skills and information flows. Reason may fail - what then? We can help you explaining the meaning of corporate wisdom and ways in which this can be developed.

Effective Presentation

To ensure that all the presentations an employee of an organization has to make – written or verbal, remote or face-to-face, with or without visual aids, is effective and successful, and to give participants the necessary skills to be able to present a message or information in the correct way. 

Lectures and talks

We have outstanding experiences doing tailormade talks and lectures on a wide range of topics. For an example - A talk by Erik F. Øverland - please press here.


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