Erik F. Øverland member of the Scientific Committee og TTeC 2006
Erik F.Øverland is a member of the Sientific Committee of the Tromsø
TELEMEDICINE AND and eHEALTH CONFERENCE (TTeC06) 12th to 14th of June 2006.
Øverland is also responsible for a seminar at the 12th of June about foresight,
scientific research and future studies (see below).

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TTeC2006 Tutorials Seminar 12th of June 2006 9:00 pm – 12:00

Is Futures Research possible? Scenario building as research activity.

By Erik F. Øverland, Director SUBITO! Research&Futures. Futurist and foresight expert

Foresight, and especially scenario building, is usually considered as helpful in strategic reasoning, research processes and policy development. The status of futures literacy, however, is both undefined and under communicated as part of a scientific research process itself. What could be a fruitful relation between foresight/scenario-development and common research methodologies? Could we talk about an epistemology of futures intelligence and therefore consider systematic futures orientations as research activities? The Seminar will invite the participants to discuss these issues, after getting presented the core idea of foresight and scenario building approaches.

Recommended literature

Neumann, Iver B. & Øverland, E.F. (2004c): International Relations and Policy Planning: the Method of Perspectivist Scenario Building, International Studies Perspectives (2004) 5, 258-277

Øverland, E. F. (2005): The Use of Heuristic Terms in Policy building. Dynamics and Fallacies in Policy Building Processes, Paper presented at the IPTS June 2005 (article-draft -> hand out in advance)

Renn, Ortwin 2002:    Foresight and Multi-Level Governance, Seville 2002

For those who read Norwegian:

Kristian Åtland, Tor Bukkvoll, Morten Jeppesen og Iver Johansen: HVOR GÅR RUSSLAND? Fem scenarier om Russland og norsk sikkerhet i 2030, Abstrakt forlag 2005.

Øverland, Erik F. (red) (2000a): Norge2030. Fem scenarier om offentlig sektors framtid, Cappelen Akademiske forlag, Oslo. Book in Norwegian (English: Norway2030. Five scenarios about the Future of Public Sector)

Target Group: Researchers, practitioners, managers, strategic advisers, people with interest in the philosophy of Science.

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